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Are You a Good Communicator?

Most of you reading this have probably never really asked yourself this question. Are you truly a good communicator? Well, I think the first thing to ask yourself is, “How are your listening skills?” If the answer is yes, then you’re probably a pretty decent communicator. If the answer is no, or you’re not really

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Failing Forward

I remember when I first heard Will Smith say “Fail Forward.” It made me take a different perspective on the actual word failure and what it means to me. Growing up we first hear the word failure constantly in the schooling system. In my experience, as a young kid I remember thinking failure was this

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It starts with connection

What does connection mean to you? For me, connection with any human being means understanding. Understanding of yourself, and understanding of the other person. When people meet and understand each other on a deeper level, it will lead to a connection. In my opinion, for any kind of relationship to work, there needs to be

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