“You talking about relationships?”

“Being vulnerable changes everything.” 

You may have asked yourself some of these questions throughout your life when you are romantically involved with someone….

  • “How can I better communicate with my partner?” 
  • “How can I be more open with my girlfriend/boyfriend?”
  • “How do I bring up the future with someone I am romantically involved with?” 
  • “I feel stuck in my relationship, what should I do?” 
  • “I don’t feel the spark in my relationship anymore”


Since 2016, Will has been researching the dynamics between men and women when it comes to dating and relationships. Will has been having deep and vulnerable relationships with women in his life, that has propelled him personally and professionally. He consistently is practicing his social skills as well as teaching others on how to gain confidence when it comes to dating, strengthening romantic relationships, and building a fulfilling life. 


This site is for the men and women who want to advance their relationship and social skills. The people who want to live vulnerably.  The people who want to build confidence when out in any social setting. The ones who want to strengthen and build deeper relationships with themselves and others. 

*Will is not a licensed relationship therapist. He shares his experiences with women amount thus far in his life at age twenty-five. Will enjoys sharing his past and current experiences involved with women, dating, and maintaining relationships. Will has learned many life lessons so far in his life, and is excited to share them with you through his blog.