Having the Money Talk With Your Significant Other

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A topic I always found interesting growing up, and just money overall in general. When at the point in your relationship do you bring up money and finances? According to Magnify Money in 2017, 21% of respondents noted that the reason for their divorce was money. In today’s world of student and personal debt, many couples are also getting married and carrying on each others debt. So when exactly is it the right time to have that conversation about this, and how do you handle the money talk early on in a relationship?

Now, you can agree with me or disagree, but in my experience I think it’s time to have that discussion once you have been with someone for quite some time – let’s say 6 months to a year. But, really when you feel it’s right, it’s right. Now, you can gladly disagree with me, but bring it up when you feel comfortable. In today’s world, people are always going back and forth on who should be paying the bill when you first start dating someone. Then you start to get serious, and you may even start splitting costs on certain things. And then if you move in together it’s a whole other ball game folks.

I personally think that men should be paying for the first few dates. I want to point out to women though, that men do like it when you offer to pay, and when you’re always appreciative of the fact that we’re paying. I have gone on dates with women, and the majority of them usually offer to split, which is always nice to hear. Now, months go by and things can change.

Eventually, you starting seeing someone pretty seriously and the communication about money will most likely open up. A great question to ask but most of us probably avoid is “How do you want to handle money in our relationship, and what do you feel comfortable with?” Something so simple, but most likely many of us probably would jump! I feel as if this question/talk is avoided early on, the two of you will just be expecting from each other and never really talk about it. I know I’ve been there!

To sum up this quick article, I like to mention that it’s best to have this conversation when you feel like you need to or it’s on your mind. You’ll know when it’s time, but I’ve seen money get thrown under the rug with relationships because people just don’t like talking about money in general!


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