5 Healthy Relationship Habits


Forming positive habits in a relationship early on will only make a relationship stronger/better but will also have an impactful experience for both partners that are together. As we start dating someone over a longer period of time we learn a lot about them, and together form habits with each other. Below, I wanted to share with you guys Healthy Habits you can create with your girlfriend/boyfriend early on and understand more what your partner likes as well.

1.) Respect Each Other

Pretty obvious, but respect your significant other. It sounds so simple when you read it, but from personal experiences and in my relationships in the past I did not respect the girl I was dating. I would say things about her to her friends or maybe even people I didn’t even know. I didn’t treat her the way she should have probably been treated, which led to much resentment. Which, leads to my next habit. Communication.

2.) Communicate 24/7

No, I don’t mean constantly talking all the time when your together or apart. But, communicate. Talk about what you’re going through, stuff on your mind, etc. Talk about how much you fucking hate your boss or even worse, the job you currently have. I always tell people, sit down every sunday and talk about how you think the week went between you two. Imagine if married people did this every week! I know there are many people who do this, but life gets in the way and that’s when the miscommunication part comes in. Have expectations and boundaries on what type of communication you have with your significant other.

3.) Give Compliments

Yes, this goes a long way. Whatever you did at the beginning of your relationship should you continue 24/7. Yes, life gets in the way as I mentioned before put you should be giving each other compliments, but really mean it when you are giving them. Tell your girlfriend a couple times a week how pretty/beautiful she looks. Women will do things to get your attention sometimes, so make sure they are noticed. When we think of compliments, we mostly think about physical appearances. But, compliments could be anything and everything. If your significant other is working really hard towards a goal they are trying to achieve, the help and support they get from you goes a long way.

4.) Acknowledging Mistakes

At some point or another, both of you are going to make little mistakes here and there. There is going to be miscommunication over something, etc. It is both of your jobs to acknowledge when mistakes are made and to resolve them with open communication about what went wrong/what you need to work on as a couple. This point basically ties into communication, but acknowledging where each other went wrong and not playing the blame game. Which ties into my final point….

5.) Acknowledge Each Other’s Flaws

Big shocker. No one is perfect. We all have flaws as humans, no one is perfect and that is completely okay. Sometimes in relationships we try and change the person we are with, which will never work and is extremely toxic. I know I’ve tried to do that, and it has led to nothing but resentment. Instead of focusing on your partner’s flaws/what he or she does wrong…focus on the good and positive things that this person brings to your life. If you constantly focus on the flaws of another person, the amazing qualities that are right in front of you will go unnoticed.

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  1. Great list! I could add a few that were game changers for my 18 year marriage: communication contracts, staying in I statements and no blaming or shaming to add a few ❤️❤️❤️

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