Three Things They Should be Teaching in Schools


When I look back on all the bullshit they teach you in school, it just blows my mind. Our school system in America does not set you up for success whatsoever in life. But, then again success could come in many different forms for people. I don’t even remember 80% of the stuff that I apparently learned in high school and college. It honestly makes me frustrated when I think about the countless hours I spent on doing work in school that truly didn’t even matter, and does not apply to my life right now whatsoever. Now, I can go on and on all day about our school system and how wasteful it really is, but I am going to stop right there because my profanity would be extensive.

Back to my main point….

If I had to come up with three things I believe our school system should be teaching this is what they would be:

1.) Communication Skills/Relationship Skills

Yes, good ole talking, listening, relating, etc. skills. It blows my mind people I encounter every day and even some in the corporate world that have no idea how to really relate or communicate with one another. I do believe communication skills is something we can get very good at after consistent repetition in our personal and professional lives. High schools should require kids to take psychology classes…….and then apply it and actually use it.

2.) Personal Finance

Big one here. One of the most important things to grasp, which should be taught at a very young age. Obviously this all depends on your upbringing and what your parents instilled in you, but I think basic personal finance should be taught in all schools. It’s amazing, I still meet people at age 25 who still don’t know the difference between a debit and credit card (ouch). If you don’t get control with your finances, it will end up controlling you.

3.) Health/Wellness

Yes, I know – gym class and the occasional nutrition class. But, in the end, geometry and chemistry matter more (just kidding). There should be multiple classes on nutrition and fitness not just one or two throughout your entire education.

This definitely makes me think how kids would turn out in life and business if they were taught these things at such a young age, but then again I don’t make the rules. But, I definitely think our education system will be changing and evolving in the years to come.

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  1. Ironically, when I was a special education teacher, it was part of the curriculum for those students in the lower end of the special education programs. We basically taught job skills and personal living skills.

    1. That’s awesome to hear! I would love to learn more about what you taught the students?

      1. The good thing about teaching special education is that there is no state mandated curriculum. My upperclassmen class scheduled looked like this: math class was called functional mathematics and also a class called math models. Both actual classes at the high school so the kids get credit. Since I wrote their IEPs, the class content was what I taught them. I would teach them how to write a check and balance a checkbook. How to make a monthly budget, open a bank account and simple shopping skills. English class was how to fill out an application for a job and some for community college. Also things like how to address a letter, write a resume and greet individuals with a handshake and look them in the eye. I used science as a cooking and cleaning class and social studies for getting them ready to travel around the community and map reading.

      2. This is awesome! I did not know this was taught with special education. You must be very proud! I appreciate you sharing this reply.

  2. I agree! And I’d like to add life skills to your list, too. These reasons are why I chose to pull my daughter out of public school and homeschool her. All they were learning was how to prepare and take SOL tests. 😡

    1. Glad to hear that, and yes I agree! Probably a really good decision for your daughter’s future!

  3. Sooo true. It puts such a pressure on the children when they leave school and now have to navigate this world as adults facing situations they haven’t been prepared for. Really insightful article.

    Just yesterday a news article here in Barbados shared info on the youth not being employment-ready, and they listed pretty much every adult skill there is, from communication and teamwork skills to time management and conflict resolution…which also makes them not entrepreneur ready, so where does that leave them?

  4. It is very important to teach communication skills to your kids, so that they could easily talk to other people without any hesitation.. Thanks for sharing such useful post with us..

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