Friendship to Romantic Relationship


You’ve probably heard many people say, “It’s just not possible for a male and a female to be friends, sooner or later something will happen.” This statement I am still always back and forth with, but yes I do absolutely think that one attractive female and one attractive male can be friends. But, I know for many men out there they struggle to move past the friend zone to the romantic zone with a woman. I myself, have struggled with this in the past and I actually had a long term relationship with a girl who I was friends with for quite some time before we started dating. It could definitely happen, but sometimes on either side, feelings don’t reciprocate and that’s okay.

So I want to give you the good news, I do think a girl and a guy could be friends for quite some time and go from close friends, to romantic partners. I’ve seen it happen with myself, and many people that are close to me in life. But, I think this goes for both the girl and guy. The longer you wait to tell the other person how you feel I think you’re really missing out on something great. And most people, both guys and girls wait to tell a friend how they feel for years, because of fear of rejection. As humans, we hate being rejected. Whether that being rejected in a job, relationship, contest, etc. whatever that may be. Most people in their life don’t go after what they want because of fear of rejection. You also risk losing a friend that you may have had for years. And by telling the other person how you truly feel you risk tarnishing a friendship that might be very important to you. You may lose that friend after telling them how you truly feel, and I’ve definitely seen that happen. But ask yourself the question of “What kind of relationship do you really want with this friend?” And, if the answer is a romantic one, then go after it! You need to go after what you really want, whether the other person reciprocates the feelings or not.

So at this point you might be asking yourself, “Will I’ve been friends with this girl or guy for a short period of time or maybe a very long period of time and I noticed myself developing feelings for them, what should I do?” Now, I am no expert, and what I am about to tell you is what I have done in my past experiences with women. Don’t wait for the perfect time or perfect place to tell them. You have to just tell them. I think a simple way would be to just get the two of you alone and say something along the lines of “Hey I know we’ve been friends for quite some time now, but I see myself connecting with you deeper and I want to be more than friends. I developed romantic feelings for you, and I can’t hold it in any longer. I totally understand if you don’t feel the same way, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but I needed to tell you.” Now, at this point he or she might not feel the same way, and that’s okay. There’s also a possibility you can lose a friend. Either way you put yourself out there, and went after what you really wanted. Put it this way. Would you rather be around someone as just a friend, or someone who’s a great friend that is also your girlfriend/boyfriend? When we put ourselves out in the open, there is always a possibility rejection can happen.

In conclusion, I think it is very possible for two attractive people to just be friends. It may get to the point and you may develop feelings for them, or it may not. Either way when you do or if you do, definitely tell them. Be honest. The more honest you are, the more authentic you will show up to others around you and most importantly yourself.

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    1. Absolutely! And that’s a really good thing. I think for certain males and females at a certain point there’s a possibility they can develop feelings for each other. Not always though.

  1. Feelings can develop over a long period of time, even if buried deep. Sometimes I believe if things are destined to happen they will. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to give it a nudge, especially if it’s what you want.

    1. Definitely! I think the longer we hold it in, the more we miss out on the possibility of an amazing relationship.

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