Women like men who lead


I definitely want to get women’s perspective on this article as well as men’s….

Before you begin to make assumptions. Women like to date/be around men who lead. Now, what exactly do I mean by this? Women like men who take charge. Take charge in their personal lives but also, when they are dating and have been married to a woman for many years. I always like to mention this simple example. When you’ve been dating your girlfriend or have been married to your wife for many years let’s be honest things can get stale and not that exciting over time, it happens and that’s okay. Trust me it happens in all relationships, but that’s the whole point of communication and being able to talk about your needs and wants years into a relationship. You have to keep things exciting, and that comes from both sides of any relationship.

“Well, honey what would you like to do for fun tonight, etc”

I always hear the same response from most women, “eh I don’t know, or I don’t care.” Now this phrase could be talking about fun things that couples are doing on the weekends, or just future plans in general for any specific occasion.

Just a side note that I wanted to mention. If a girl you just started dating or have been with for a few months brings up something in the future and it involves you, take that as a good sign (she most likely sees a future with you whatever that may be).

But back to my main point. Take charge. Lead. Not in any way coming off as demanding, but have a focus in life and your woman will definitely recognize it. Have goals, whether that be professionally or personally. Work towards them. The woman you have in your life will notice and respect your more, but even more importantly people around you will begin to notice what you’re up to.

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  1. Yes, it is nice to have the man take the lead at times rather than ask what……Asked that way my answer, too, can be I don’t care.

  2. I avoid men who “take charge” and who “lead”. I prefer to be with people who are more kind and sensitive and patient, and take the time to listen to, and care about, what I want. To respect me as a person, not steamroller over me in a million different ways. If you’re with a woman who says “I don’t know” then that’s probably a sure sign that she’s tired of not being listened to, because men tend to talk her out of what she wants to do, and they get tired of arguing to be heard, of things always being a conflict in the constant and uphill battle women face in the neverending quest to be treated as a person with her own ideas and wants–to be respected in both in life (from doctors to grocery stores to the workplace) and in a partnership. I have zero respect for men who are controlling and dominating–it’s a sure sign of weakness, not strength.

    1. I enjoyed reading your response. I think looking at it as not in any way dominating or demanding, but as being a leader. Both a woman and man should both be leaders in their relationship with each other.

  3. Christ is a good example of leading. And it helps to have a definition of “leading” here. He asked questions, giving an open floor for free discussion, but he always knew where he needed to go. He followed His Father’s plan. But he also watched and listened to the people so that he could draw them to come, too. Christ was certainly no isolationist or chauvinist. But he never apologized for his leadership, either. He did the hard work of rising early in the morning to seek the Father’s plan (not his own), then spent the day walking it out. That’s a tall order for any man–or woman–who follows after Christ, but it’s a good one to shoot for with Christ’s grace. There’s a role for women to play in human relationships to make this all possible, too; but that’s another post. ;D

  4. Yes to the man taking the lead – WITH love (not recklessness), once it’s a committed relationship or marriage.

    It can be tough, especially in today’s dynamic of “girls run the world” and with a history of oppression in some parts of the world, but still – men are physically stronger (in general) – a man’s voice (generally) cracks when he reaches a certain stage asserting authority (not dominance) – men are (generally) more logically-inclined while we ladies are (generally) more nurturing in nature – we have a monthly cycle that compels us to rest and prepares us to nurture…

    I could go on about this (your articles are really interesting and insightful, by the way) but will rest here for a bit. I think it’s harder to trust men to lead, but that doesn’t mean they’re not designed to lead. It’s more of a challenge (or invitation) to exert your own strength as a woman without belittling, emasculating or dominating a man…to show grace and strength without arm wrestling him for the position as leader. Wooo! That’s all for now.

    1. I totally agree with you and see where you’re coming from….I think in the initial of dating (at least in my experience – is that women like men who take the lead in certain situations). But, when it comes to a long last relationship or marriage – it’s more about teamwork, commitment, and respect, and bouncing off each other in an amazing way! Thanks for checking both articles out!

      1. Great point about the nature and dynamic of the relationship. Thanks for that insight and have a fabulous and safe day

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