Grow together or you’ll grow apart


Grow together as a couple or you’ll start to grow apart…

As a couple your relationship is going to be constantly changing and evolving into something different each and every day. We as people grow personally and professionally constantly. Our thoughts, desires, interests, etc. are an ever changing theme in our lives. Growing together in any romantic relationship is crucial and communicating openly together about your growth in certain areas will open up your vulnerabilities to a whole new level. In this article I am going to be discussing how important it is to be growing together and really great ways you can communicate with each other about your growth, some of which I have personally experienced.

As people, we grow everyday. When two people meet, they form a romantic relationship together and they begin to spend a lot of time with each other. They learn a lot about one another. Their flaws, strengths, love languages, communication styles, etc. These two people get very close, and form a unique bond, which results in them beginning to grow. In a perfect world, which there is no such thing, two people will constantly grow at the same pace with one another. We advance professionally, as well as personally, and everyone goes at their own pace. Two people in relationship with one another support each other whenever they are going through something difficult. Support creates a closer bond with one another and brings each other closer together emotionally. I remember years ago when I was dating a girl for quite some time she was dealing with some family issues, and really needed me. Her opening up about that experience definitely brought us closer together, and she was able to communicate to me what she needed from me and what she was going through. Being in support of your partner will bring each of you closer together, which will result in growth as a couple and especially understanding of one another on a deeper level.

I think it’s very important to be constantly communicating to your partner at where you are in terms of your growth professionally and personally, and where you want to be. I used to do this with past girlfriends, it could be the most simple question such as “How have things been going lately, where are you at, what have you been battling or going through lately?” These are just a few questions to ask, but definitely important ones. Now asking these questions on a daily basis is probably going to be not the most effective, but I think checking in weekly with your partner will help you stay connected, and you can figure out areas of the relationship that you want to work on. Being able to communicate openly about whatever it is that you’re going through or something thats been on your mind thats been bothering you lately is the first step for growth.

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    1. Totally agree. I have been married 50 years (that was not a typo). You must communicate with your partner. If you don’t anger issues build up. Trust me (I’m a doctor). I learned the hard way to speaking kindly and truthfully to my partner. Most of my ‘issues’ were nothing….in the end. I am lucky to have a wonderful partner and I know it. .

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