The QUALITY of your life depends on the QUALITY of your relationships


This took me awhile to understand this concept. But, the quality of your relationships is in direct proportion with the quality of your life. I think it’s wise of you to ask yourself honestly, “How are my relationships with others in my life currently?” Now, I’m talking about friends, family, romantic partners, etc. Ask yourself, “How connected do I feel when I am surrounded with the people that are closest to me in my life?” I hate saying this but if the quality of your relationships is shit, then your life will probably feel like shit too. Yeah, that might have stung a bit, but really sit back and analyze your current relationships in your life and how they are affecting your well being.

Growing up, my family wasn’t really connected. Yes, my parents were married and still are to this day, and I have two great sisters. I remember being in grade school and high school and not really knowing how to communicate with my dad and mom about what I was going through. My dad is a great person and someone I really look up to, but he had trouble communicating, and would many times resort to anger, which definitely created some distance in my household. My fathers anger definitely had an impact on me when I started dating women. I really just didn’t know how to communicate. I realized something was wrong, and I really needed to figure this stuff out. I participated in an emotional intelligence/leadership course that completely altered my thinking and how I approach situations in life. My relationships with women became better, I had stronger friendships, and I was closer than ever with my family. I realized for awhile that most of my relationships I had with others were affecting my life in direct proportion. I realized that I needed to surround myself with people that I can really connect with, and will support me no matter what my endeavors entail. The people closest to you in life are there to support you, not bring you down. If you have friends that bring you down, you might want to analyze the friendship, and if they really are helping you grow. You probably have heard this many times, but quality over quantity. You might look at other people around you and say, “Wow, that person has so many friends, they seem so well connected with other people.” But, it really comes down to the quality of your relationships and how well connected you feel with these people that are close to you in your life.

Surround yourself with people that make you happy and lift you up higher, not bring you down. You will be much better off and grow as a human being exponentially. Your friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, family members are there to support you and help you along your journey!

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