What it means to be vulnerable


I just did a great video with my close friend Nathan Todd (The Muscle Motivator) where we discussed what it truly means to be vulnerable in life and in relationships. The link is in my videos section of my blog, so make sure to check it out!

Nathan and I discussed vulnerability and how it impacts our relationships we have with others throughout life. It starts with being vulnerable and honest with ourselves. What exactly does that look like? Well, it’s being honest with yourself and asking yourself the question of how you want to show up in the world. Who are you as a human being? How do you want to be seen? What do you want to be known for/remembered for? I had a very difficult time with this question growing up. I had absolutely no idea who I was, how I wanted to show up in this world, what I wanted to do with my life, but ultimately communicating with women I wanted to be romantically involved with. In high school, for me it was simply just going up to a girl and telling her I liked her or how I truly felt about her. For me, this just seemed like a daunting encounter, that could lead to instant rejection and judgment for me. I never did it. At 24 years of age today, I still think about the way I acted in high school and all these assumptions I used to make up about myself. I brought myself down on a consistent basis, and it definitely affected me over time.

I now live a life of vulnerability and I inspire the people around me to do so as well. When you’re vulnerable with yourself, you’ll be vulnerable with others around you. Be sure to check out the interview I did with Nathan Todd. It’s worth the watch!


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  1. I love this. You have a great blog, full of wisdom and thoughts provoking questions one should ask him or herself. Wish I had this type of advice when I was younger – could’ve improved my dating game. I was shy too though and never played out a scenario in reality as I did in my mind when it came to guys. It always went better in my head but fear of rejection kept me from doing a lot of things and not just when it came to dating. Great Post and thanks for following my blog.

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