Don’t stop working on yourself once you get into a relationship


You got out of a rocky relationship awhile back and have really been putting your energy and time towards working on yourself. It’s been two years since you’ve been in any type of committed relationship with a woman and don’t quite remember what it feels like. You start dating this beautiful woman you met who you have an instant connection with. It’s been about six months already that you’ve been together with this woman and you start to realize that you haven’t been putting in the time for yourself like you used to when you were single.

We sometimes get caught up when we start seeing someone that we really like. All we want to do is spend time with this new person in our lives, yet we forget to spend quality time with just ourselves. Don’t stop working on yourself once you get into a relationship with a woman. This new amazing person should compliment your life, not complete it. You were already complete when you met her for the first time. I’ve stated this many times in my articles on my blog, but I was never a person that believed in soul mates. I believe there are many people on this earth that you could have a great partnership with and establish a true connection. This is why it’s important to be understanding of yourself and be a complete human when you enter into a relationship with a woman. If you’re not, then you will seek completeness in the other person. I’ve been down that road, and it’s something that can damage a relationship, but more importantly damage yourself. Two individual people constantly working on themselves and growing as individuals can create a unique bond and that forms a close connection.

Ultimately, it’s important you never stop working on yourself. As humans, we are constantly growing and changing everyday, and the people we have deep connections with and surround ourselves with have a large impact on our growth as individuals. So be cognitive of the people you are associating yourself with, and how they are affecting your energy. You might come to realize that in life you outgrow friends, and outgrow romantic partners. And that is completely okay. But, it’s important to know yourself, and be conscious in your daily habits and actions.

Now, just imagine when two complete human beings come together and form a romantic bond between one another, and continue to work on themselves every day!

Now, that’s what I call a prosperous relationship!

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  1. Couples don’t realize that working on yourself can sometimes improve the relationship. I tell myself all the time that I want to be with somebody who will help me grow and become a better person & vice versa. People can be stubborn to change but then they question so many things and wonder why nothing has changed. When you’re in a relationship it’s not about you anymore. Change what you need to change to better yourself & the person you’re with. I enjoyed reading this!

  2. I absolutely agree with all your words here, William. This is really great advice to everyone. Yet some people do not even think about working on themselves at this point of their lives because they do not have enough time as they are forced to work excessively for long hours earning miserable wages that very often do not allow them to afford basic housing. I was shocked when I learned that some teachers are homeless in the U.S. How could this be if you have a job? It certainly wouldn’t be the case in the majority of the European countries. You have a steady job as a teacher and so you have either a rented place or your own if you have the money to buy a property. Well, I was just thinking of all the poorest people, the homeless, and of those who after such long hours working they just come home too exhausted to think about the issues you point out here. How could all these people awaken through marvelous posts like yours here when their basic needs are still not covered? “I hear in the back of my head the story of elderly, who are committing crimes, so that they can go to jail to get three meals a day and housing.” from this impacting post:

  3. True.

    If either come to the relationship seeing the other as a person to complete them then they were missing something and will not be fulfilled- however how many people are complete and well rounded?
    Not many, so everyone is missing something, but that’s ok as long as they can work on it and recognise that.

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