What you should be asking yourself after you go out on a first date


So here it is. You went out on a first date with a woman, and you keep asking yourself if it went well or not. Well, the first thing to ask yourself is “How are you feeling after your date?”

Did you laugh?

Did you have unlimited topics to talk about?

Did it feel awkward at any point?

How did this woman make you feel about yourself?

Did you listen, and did she listen?

These are just a few questions that I have asked myself personally after dates, but definitely something to consider after leaving a first date if you’re wondering if it went well or not. I think sometimes we over analyze first dates, and create many assumptions in our minds. Now let’s be honest, it takes some time getting to know someone. That’s the whole point of dating. In my experience, I see people eliminating quality partners just because of one thing he or she said during the date. Now grant it, you might find out some certain values about the other person when you meet them for the first time, and it won’t just cut it. I get that. But it definitely takes some time getting to know someone, and you should definitely go on that second date.

Maybe she was nervous, or didn’t know what to say. And you have to realize, “It’s okay.” Your conversation with a woman should flow naturally and you should be listening to her when she speaks. A woman likes to be heard. A great way of showing her that you are listening on a first date is repeating back to her what she is telling you and asking her more follow up questions. LISTEN!

Overall though, when you go on a date with a woman think about the date afterwards. Did you had fun? Did the conversation flow? Could you feel a connection? And most importantly how did she make you feel?

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