Creating a Vision Plan for your Life

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A question we should be asking ourselves on a daily basis. What type of vision are you going to create for your life? So what exactly do I mean with all this vision and planning talk…

If you had to paint a picture of your life, what exactly would it look like? Where would you live? What type of lifestyle would you have? Would you travel a lot, or would you stay put most of the time? Would you get married? Would you have kids? These are just a few questions to ask yourself when discussing vision and the life you wish to create for yourself and the people around you. A question I ask myself on a daily basis is, “How can I impact people in my daily life?” Even it’s smallest little gesture possible…..

Many people waltz through life never really asking these important questions to themselves. We take jobs/careers never asking ourselves why we are doing them in the first place. You hear answers such as, well I make a lot of money, and I am secure with what I am doing now. Or, well my parents wanted me to this so I thought it was the right thing to do. I love this one, “I know ultimately what I want to do, but I am afraid I will fail and will get judged by others.” This always troubled me growing up and hearing this answer from people around. I get it, I am a realist, and at the end of the day as a human you need to make money to support yourself and those around you. But, why not try to do something that you’ve always wanted to do.

The big issue is that when you tell yourself in your head that you’re going to fail at something before you even attempted to do it, you already failed. Go into something with an open mind. The hardest step for most people is just simply taking action, and sticking with it. The most successful people in this world had a dream, decided to take action, and disciplined themselves in creating the vision they envision.


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