How to be instantly contagious in a room


I know the title of this article caught your attention, and you instantly clicked on it and continued to read. Trust me, I would have done the same. I’m sure you’ve walked into a room of people you have never met before and asked yourself, “How can I get these people to like me? How can I become a better version of myself and show up confidently? How can I become interested and not interesting when talking with people?” These are just a few examples I mentioned above, but definitely important questions you should be asking yourself to become instantly contagious to people when you walk in a room. Below I am going to be discussing five important ways to become instantly successful when you walk in a room in any setting.


Something very simple to do but extremely effective. Any time you walk in a room “smile.” It’s so easy, but sometimes we forget about it because are constantly changing which affects our body language. Always have an intention when you walk into a room and ask yourself “How do I want to show up in this current setting?”


A very easy thing to do, but sometimes we forget how important it is. Having good posture displays confidence when you’re speaking with others around you in any setting.


This is crucial in any social setting. If you want to get others to like you listen to them when they are speaking to you. Ask about their life, their passions, their family, etc. and take a serious interest. Remember people’s names and use their names when talking to him. They’ll know that you’re listening!


Make people laugh, and they will remember you forever. Making people laugh is an art, and people will remember you for that. Laughter in life is the cure for anything, it makes us feel most alive. There’s nothing better than being with a group of people you care about, and laughing hysterically together.


Having good body language is a great way to work a room filled with people. Having good body language exudes confidence, demeanor, and great social skills. Your body language says something about you, even when your not talking. It’s something you need to work at over time, and will get better with practice.

Being contagious walking in a room, is important in any social setting. Whether that be personal, business, or even around family. You’ll gain confidence, have amazing body language, and just overall make the room a little brighter!

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  1. You’re right on that, but I don’t think it is something you can learn. People have different personalities and you can twitch here and there certain things for sure, but at the end you are you. Interesting read.

  2. I’m glad you listed “listen” as part of the ‘contagion’. After a long life ( I’m in my 70th year) I can tell you that listening is a dying art and it really is something that most people can be won over with and attracted to.

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