Establishing trust in a relationship


Establishing trust in a romantic relationship you enter is crucial for it to be a successful one. Trust begins when two people connect and they open up to one another sharing their vulnerabilities with each other. When ANY two people are together trust is one of the most important factors for a successful relationship to thrive. There are three ways I wanted to discuss that I believe are important in establishing trust in your relationship.

1.) Talk about your past

All of us have a past right? And chances are when you meet someone and you start dating theres a very high chance that they were together with someone before you. But, remember that it’s okay to talk about your past but always in a good way. I touch upon this frequently, but every relationship you have is meant for growth. Don’t ever look at romantic relationships as a waste of time or a failure. Look at them as an experience that you shared with someone, and for whatever reason it did not work out. You take that experience of being in previous relationships and bring it to the next one you enter into. Talk about problems thats arose, talk about how you communicated, talk about insecurities (if you have any). I listed just a few, but remember it’s okay to talk about the things that scare you or what went wrong in your previous relationships. It makes you vulnerable. You are human. We all communicate with one another, which leads to my next way to establish trust.

2.) Communication

It all comes down to the communication. Every time I look back at previous relationships I was in with women, all the problems arose from miscommunication. Not communicating our feelings to one another. Not communicating how we felt in certain situations. Not communicating our insecurities we had on a daily basis. These are just a few I mentioned above, but yet they all come down to communication. It sounds so simple and easy but as humans we have the most trouble communicating to the ones we are the closest with. It’s easier to communicate with each other when you’re just open with one other and don’t have anything to hide. Which leads to my last way to establish trust.

3.) Don’t judge one another

This was a big one for me, which is why I wanted to talk about it. Don’t judge your partner on things that they are passionate about or working towards. You are there to support them no matter what. You may have your differences with each other, but you respect them with no judgment. It’s important to be honest with one another, I promise you it will make you closer.

There are many ways in which two people can establish trust. The ones that I listed above were the ones that I thought personally were the most important, and have experienced first hand. At the end of the day, I believe in any relationship you enter, communication is the single most important way to build a foundation. Connect with one another and communicate.

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  1. I don’t know about number one… my wife and I made a pact decades ago that we would never bring up past relationships, and I think that was a wise choice.

  2. Communication is definitely key in a relationship. Predicting how one another are feeling is outright impossible but is something that we seem to expect of people these days. x

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