Always start your conversations off on a positive

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Always start your conversations off on a positive note. Now, what exactly do I mean by this? Well, I am sure most of you have been around many people that are always negative, and trust me it gets draining after awhile. The more you are exposed to this, the more you are affected by it. This is why it’s extremely important to always start your conversations on a positive note, whether it be when you’re talking with a business partner, romantic partner, friend, or just even a complete stranger. Starting off any conversation with a positive feeling will make you an extremely good conversationalist and you will be seen as an engaging individual who can light up any room. You might be asking yourself how can I do this with a complete stranger I do not even know. I am going to give you some examples which have worked well in my life and what I say when I am meeting new people for the first time. It’s always important to repeat back whatever the other person is saying to you. Why? Repeating back what someone is saying to you shows the other person that you are listening and soaking in what they are saying. We all want to be heard.

1.) Walking in to a bar and approaching a group of people or even women

  • “How do you guys feel about the music that is playing right now?”

2.) Attending a networking event

  • What brings you here tonight? I am very excited to be here. Have you been to this event before?

3.) Standing in line waiting for coffee

  • That smells really good. Have you tried anything new lately?

4.) Attending a friends party where you don’t know anyone

  • So how do you guys know the host? Then complimenting the person you are talking to or even a group on what they do or something they are wearing. Acknowledging what they are saying to you.

5.) Any type of sport/activity club – meetup

  • Do you guys like playing sports in your spare time? Any fun hobbies you are interested in?

Again, these are just a few examples/scenarios of what I have encountered and conversations I have started. I think it’s important to remember that people just want to know that they are being heard. That’s where your listening skills come in. I believe that being able to listen effectively is one of the most powerful traits you can possess as a human being. Remember, ask people questions, get them talking about themselves, always be positive. And most importantly, LISTEN!!


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