Being vulnerable will lead you to freedom

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Being vulnerable in your life will lead you to the ultimate freedom you have been looking for. Early in life we are told to hide our emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc. Well, at least I was….I grew up in an environment where my family and I did not talk about our feelings, we resorted to anger and would go and shut down. Experiencing this at such a young age and not realizing it until a few years ago, is what led me on the path to live a life with openness to myself and others.

The word “Vulnerability” can seem daunting and scary to many people. Most people will avoid vulnerability their entire life, and never really live a life true and honest to themselves and others. Scary…..I know. It’s true though. We hide truths about ourselves because we are afraid of being judged, being ridiculed, etc. by others. In my experience, I noticed that when I wasn’t vulnerable and not being honest with myself and others around me I felt trapped. This feeling of being trapped resulted for me at least lashing out at others because I did not know how to express myself.

I am sure most of you have felt that feeling of not being able to express yourself. It sucks. You’re afraid of being judged, being ridiculed, and being disliked by your fellow peers. But here’s the thing when you aren’t vulnerable with yourself and the people around, you are actually doing a disservice to them but more importantly to yourself.

Being vulnerable will set you free on a life worth living.


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