It’s how you carry yourself, not the way you look

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It’s how you carry yourself, not the way you look. Throughout high school I had awful acne, and I was extremely embarrassed about it. Many would say it wasn’t that bad, but to me it was bad. Having acne definitely affected me in high school, and gave me anxiety when talking to girls. Not even that, but just being out in social situations always had me worrying what other people were thinking of me with the acne on my face.

In the beginning of college my acne had cleared and I had this new sense of confidence. I got a girlfriend soon after, and it almost felt like I was a new man. This time period I became very involved in reading whatever I could about personal development, dating, personal finance, etc. I soon realized that confidence was truly the key in any approach you took in life. Frank Sinatra said it best himself, “Confidence is King!”

The way you carry yourself is extremely important especially when it comes to dating. When you approach women and come off as this confident guy, women will want to hear what you have to say. Now I am not saying you be a cocky asshole to women. You really shouldn’t do that. There once was a period in my life when I was doing that, and I realized I wasn’t truly being who I was as a person. You have to be sweet and charming, but also be a challenge to woman when you are having conversations with them. Make her laugh! If a woman is laughing at your jokes and you know for a fact they aren’t funny, you know that she likes you. Let her talk about herself, women love to talk about themselves. Better listen though..

Be yourself around women, she’ll notice when you’re trying to be fake and not your true self. When you come across as yourself people will notice, especially the women you are talking to. Be yourself, and it will show.

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