How to be an attractive man

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I think the best way to attract someone in your life is to live an interesting and exciting life. A life that is worth learning about in the eyes of another. A life that makes someone stop and ask themselves, “what are they all about!?” I wanted to talk about six traits that I believe will make you attractive to someone else.

1.) You are good at what you do in life and you do it with passion. 

No matter what you do in life, you do it with passion. This can be your hobbies, occupation, etc. Show others what you love in life, and make it known. People/women can sense when you love something by the way you talk about it.

2.) You are an ambitious person. You have goals in life, whether that be professionally or personally.

Women want to see that you are driven! It tells the world that you are willing to grow as a person. I’ve had past girlfriends of mine say to me, “Will, I love it how you’re always learning and aspiring to be more everyday.” Show people the person you strive to be everyday, and in what direction you are taking your life.

3.) You dress nice.

Dressing “nice” can mean many various things to each individual. Whatever you’re wearing, own it! The first thing a woman looks at when she looks at you is your shoes. Some women might disagree with me on this, but I have asked many women personally what they notice in a guy when they give the first glance. I always received the answer to be “shoes.”

4.) You respect yourself, but most importantly you respect others.

I believe this to be extremely important. The woman you have in your life sees how you stand up for yourself and are a man of your word. Even more importantly, you respect others around you and treat them with kindness.

5.) You are funny.

Yeah, I know shocker, but women love to laugh. Make a woman laugh and she will fall for you. But seriously, no woman wants a boring guy. Women want to have excitement in their life, and you should be there to provide her with a sense of humor.


I capitalized this for a reason. I believe communication to be the most important aspect of any relationship, whether it be romantic, friendship, business, etc.  If two people cannot communicate, it’s not going to work. Being able to communicate openly with people and being able to be vulnerable is extremely valuable and will create a long lasting relationship in any scenario.


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