The Best Places to Meet Women

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Alright so you’re out of college and you basically realize that it is a lot tougher to meet women now that you have graduated college and most likely are starting to work in the real world. It was very easy to meet women in college, they were flocking everywhere. If you’re like me you’re probably realizing that it definitely takes some effort in putting yourself out there to meet women. Here below I want to give you a few places which I think are a great place to meet women, and which I have experienced firsthand myself.

1.) Friends of friends 

This is what I call a safe zone place to meet new women. Most of the time you’ll have many friends who have friends then they have friends and so on….you get the point. But here’s the thing, any opportunity you have, let’s say you’re invited to a pre-game, house warming party whatever opportunity it is, TAKE IT! This is probably one of the best places to meet women. Now you’re probably saying well you know Will I don’t have that many friends. Well here’s the thing you have to put yourself out there. You don’t always have to hang out with the same group of friends all the time. I actually advise against that. Branching out and putting yourself out there will definitely help you meet more people. And as a result you’ll grow from this experience, make new friends, and possibly get a few dates out of it.

2.) Bars/Nightclubs 

Yes, this one is obvious if you’re someone in your twenties and you still enjoy going out to bars and nightclubs. Don’t get me wrong I love going out and having a good time with my friends but I don’t go out with the sole purpose to meet women. I do it to have a good time with my friends or whatever group I am with. If I happen to see an attractive woman that I would like to get know, I will go approach her. Yes, this is definitely hard for most men just going up and approaching, it takes practice. I am still working on getting better and better at it myself. As Coach Corey Wayne says, “repetition is the mother of skill.” Just keep doing it.

3.) Work 

This is always a dicey area. But yes if you’re in an office environment or any type of environment where there are males and females, something will probably happen. I’ve seen many friends and relatives of mine develop a romantic relationship with someone they worked with. Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time with people you work with and there is a good chance a romantic relationship can develop from that. All I advise is, proceed with caution.

4.) Meetups/Activities 

Here’s a great one. Look at your life and see what you enjoying doing the most. This can be biking, personal development seminars, cooking, wine/beer tastings, etc. Most of the time when you do the activities you enjoy, you’ll meet others who share that same passion which will result in a connection and common interests. If you don’t know where to look just hop on the web and check out your city and see what type of events/meetups are going on. I have used, but there are many resources out there. Explore the city you live in!

5.) Volunteer Groups

Now, don’t volunteer just because you want to meet women. Volunteer for a cause you truly care about. Going back to the previous paragraph, when you volunteer for an organization you truly care about you will ultimately connect with other people there, some may which be women who you can ask out on dates. I most recently started volunteering as a financial coach for people trying to get a handle on their finances. It’s always a great thing to get back and you’ll meet a ton of people doing it and make some great connections.


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