Improving Body Language to Attract

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Body language is something that has always fascinated me. You can dissect many aspects of a person just by noticing their body language. A person’s stance in a crowded room or their facial expressions can greatly determine their comfort or discomfort in any given situation.

Confident body language says a lot about a person and can make a great first impression. I have noticed many aspects of body language when I have had interactions with women, friends, or any type of business relationship. Here is in my opinion, ways to improve body language in any type of interaction.

1.) Just smile

I myself have this resting bitch face, and many people think I’m always pissed off which is not the case…………just smile. Just force yourself to smile, even if you don’t feel like it. If someone notices you’re not smiling, you’ll probably affect everyones mood (maybe).

2.) Become self-aware

Notice yourself when you are out in social settings, most people aren’t aware of what their body language displays to another person. Do you look guarded? Are your arms crossed when talking to someone? Are you slouched over? What I’ve realized is the most confident body language is when people have their hands at their side (open palms) or on their hips, standing straight up. It’s basically saying I’m confident with myself and willing to be vulnerable with others. When I am out in any social setting I always try to be conscious of my body language, and noticing others as well. It takes practice.

3.) Maintain eye contact

It’s very easy to spot people that aren’t confident in themselves. I’ve had numerous encounters with many types of people that would be looking away while I was trying to have a conversation with them. I am sure all of have had this experience at some point in your life. Just notice what you do in a social setting.

4.) Own the space you’re in

Real simple… present. Yes, your body will take up physical space in a setting, but own that space. Find your inner you, and get in a stance that you are comfortable with.

5.) Slow yourself down

We all know those people who talk so damn fast and you can never get a word in. I myself notice that I am more of a listener (even though I struggle listening sometimes). I like to listen to people when they speak before I open my mouth.

6.) Use hand gestures

Yes, use hand gestures to convey what you’re saying. Be open and vulnerable with your hand gestures. People will receive it as you being very open with them, which will make them feel comfortable in being open with you.





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